Dr. Wolfgang Hohenwallner

Born in Salzburg in 1939, 1957-63 studied medicine at the University of Innsbruck, went on to set up a laboratory at the Innsbrukkck Paediatric Clinic.
1971 moved to Linz, set up a laboratory at the Hospital of the Sisters of Mercy. retired since 2005.
1976-79 studied painting at the Summer Academy of fine Art in Salzburg under Prof. Claus Pack and Prof. Gerhard Gutruf.  1990-97  studied printing techniques under Prof. Alfred Billy  at the OK Centre fpr Contemporary Art in Linz. Wolfgang Hohenwallner paints and writes, expressing the diversity of the human existence. He notes the various facets of man in a very observant and sensitive manner. He draws on their thoughts, experiments according to all the rules of art and records the reality he uncovers.

The themes featured in his cyclical works allow observers to realise that they are permanently confronted and changes of our time. He tracks these changes with a critical approach, documenting them through image and processing them through words.

Exhibitions, readings, stages readings and workshopscomplement the broad scope of the emotional and tireless creative process. Wolfgang Hohenwallner presents his works far beyond Austria, with galleries, museums and institutes in America, Canada, Belgium, Germany and Slovakia all exhibiting his artwork.

Adults and children with an interest in art can take part in creativity days at the Summer-School on Lake Attersee. The courses and workshops enable participants to benefit from the artist´s wide range of ideas and motivation to create based on his own findings

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