Welcome to UM-ART


UM-ART seeks to offer original images to customers with an interest in art, as an alternative to the endless reproductions available across tke world.

Um-Art appeals to customers who are not just looking for something which many peoplealready have; instead it offers customers the exclusive opportunity to acquire their own individual picture - their own unique  piece of artwork.        

Your opinion is important to use  -  simply contact  us! 

The selection of images available comprises exclusively originals - the intenseand diverse creations of artist WOLFGANG HOHENWALLNER  (initials HW). You could become the owner of a unique piece of artwork.            

You can purchase one of these images by simply getting in touch. Prices from the ATELIER HW are very reasonable. 

Buying artwork is a pleasure   

  • Um-Art is offering a wide range of pictures from the life´s work of HW.
  • Um-Art hebt places the artwork centre stage and enables each individual and unique piece to shine.
  • Um-Art enables artwork to be taken sereously.
  • Um-Art supports ongoing development and the process for change.
  • Um-Art opens up the surrounding context: ideas, development, technology and value.
  • Um-Art offers communication and personal contact with the artist.
  • Um-Art offers scope for forming opinions.
  • Um-Art flags up any other artistic endeavours by HW.